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The village of Lake in the hills is situated in a quiet environment and has several smaller neighborhoods within. Sunset Park is the main anchor of the village, located at the intersection of North Lake Street and South Lake Avenue, on the road that winds through the Meadowbrook subdivision into the western part of the village. The neighborhood borders the Lake River, Lake Park and Riverview to the east and west, and Oak Park to the south.

Lake in the Hills Airport is located on the road, as are the Lake Park and Riverview Community Center, the Oak Park Public Library and the Chicago Park District offices.

The Huntley Public Library serves the residents of the western part of the village, while the Algonquin Public Library serves the residents of the eastern part of the village. The Huntleys Area Community Center, Lake Park and Riverview Community Center, and the Oak Park Community Library are located in this neighborhood. There is a community college serving both villages, Lake in The Hills Community College District. Creeks serves students who live within the boundaries of the District in a central section outside the city on Miller Road, as well as students from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Illinois serves students living within the Lakewood Road corridor, as well as students from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lake in Hills Community College District 47 serves residents of Lake Park and Riverview, as well as students living within the boundaries.

Prairie Point, located on Cunat Court, is home to Lake in Hills Community College District 47 Student Center. Big Sky Harvest Gate is a community center for students at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Lake Park and Riverview.

One of the largest parks in the village is located on Miller Road in the west of the village. The small village is divided into its oldest section by the butcher shop, a small stream and a large lake. There are five properties maintained by the villages for the lake, one each for Lake in Hills Community College District 47 and Riverview.

Richard Taylor Park and Skate Park in Lake in Hills features a football field and a fenced skate park. Leroy Guy Park, located on Frank Road in the east of the village, south of Miller Road, has a basketball court, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic area and play equipment. On the west side, near Frank Road, is the Lakes Boulder Ridge children's playhouse, which features a playground, swimming pool, playground, picnic tables and other amenities.

Spring Lake Farm in the south is a single-family subdivision built by Sundance Homes. It is the last major community to be developed in the village, as Lake Hills was surrounded by other communities. A second sub-division, potentially comprising 200 to 300 apartments, located on the east side of Frank Road, south of Miller Road and west of the park, is currently undergoing a development review.

Too far north for agriculture, it should be a recreational area for the inhabitants of the Lake Hills, not a residential area. Five stucco houses have been built on the property, but only one remains, which is in its original condition and currently owned by the village of Lake Hills. Lake in the Hills started out as a purchase, with Woods Creek Lake being the main lake in it. Although the Old Section contains the hills from which the town takes its name, only a small part of the lake is considered a "true" lake hill due to its proximity to the lake.

Pyott Road is the county road that runs from north to south through the eastern part of the village. The main north-south highway in the village is Bebe Road, the main east-west highway and the main east-west highway in Lake Hills.

Residents can use Illinois Route 31 to connect to the 90 that goes to and from Chicago and into the Chicagoland area. In nearby Crystal Lake, residents of Lake Hills can board Metra Union, but residents of Lake can also find it at the Hills Transit Center. Village of Lake Hills features a number of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

Population soared when developers flocked to the area in the 1990s, and has risen since, making Lake Hills one of Illinois "fastest-growing suburbs. The population has also increased in recent years, making it Chicago's second most populous suburb after Chicago.

Algonquin First Nation territory, which once included what is now Algonquins Provincial Park, as well as parts of Lake Park and Lake County.

The old shopping mall north of Algonquin Road in the Hills has a garden, and locals believe the area closest to the lake itself is built-up - including the Cheswick Place subdivision built by Orleans Homes, located at the southeast corner of Lakewood and Ackman Roads. Lynn Dillow is a member of the Lake Park and Lake County Board of Trustees and the founder and president of Lakeshore Community Development Corporation (LCCD). Lynn Dillow has lived in a house on the south side of the lake in Lake in The Hills for over 30 years and has been an active participant in a number of community events, including the annual Lake

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